Guitar Repair / Guitar Lutherie
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Guitar Repair and Hourly Rate

Price: $65.00
  • Item #: Guitar Repair
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General hourly lutherie repair rate for non specified repairs in our shop at 16 Ave & 55 St in Brooklyn, NY (guitar repairs, vioin repairs, cello repairs) is $65.00/hour. Add an accoustic under-the-saddle pickup with output for $75Repair & player advice available in our blog .

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Guitar Repairs:

  • Tuning Machines replacement and adjustment [$=labor plus parts].
  • Nuts & Saddles refinements and replacement are hand carved & radiused to match fretboard radius; available in bone and plastic.
  • Replace nut(bone) [$80].
  • Replace saddle(bone) [$75].
  • Fret work: level & crown[$100], refrets (partial[$15/fret] or total[$300]). Includes neck adjustments.
  • Fret work: trim down and polish all fret ends [$65-$75].
  • Bridge reglue and replacement[$75-$150].
  • Broken-Headstock repair with touch up[$150].
  • Crack repairs of top, back and side [w/o touchup: $10/in. * $10/cleat * $35 minimum].
  • Neck adjustment and straightening[$35-$50].
  • Setup of acoustic guitars (includes neck adjustment, restring, nut and saddle adjustments) [$65-$85].
  • Restring of classical guitars.[$35 strings included]
  • Add an acoustic under-the-saddle pickup with output jack. [$75]
  • Other guitar lutherie and electronic repair is also available.[$65/hr + parts]