Planet Wave Dual-Action Capo Radiused
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Planet Wave Dual-Action Capo Radiused

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Planet Waves Dual Action Capo Features:

  • Designed to fit most 6- and 12- string guitar necks with radiused fingerboards
  • Designed by Ned Steinberger


    The patented Planet Waves Dual-Action Capo is not your ordinary trigger-type capo. Compound action reduces the force necessary to open and close the capo. It also eliminates side-pulling the strings out of tune, which is prevalent on other trigger-type capos. Aircraft-quality aluminum construction adds virtually no weight to the guitar's neck when in use and the capo can be clamped on the headstock when idle. Simply adjust the tactile micrometer tension control so there is just enough tension to eliminate string buzzing and enjoy repeatable, in-tune performance at every fret.